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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Blink44---thanks a lot. To answer your questions, we were in BC about 3 or four times in the last two years. Not sure when we will be back but we were there fairly recently. Just keep an eye on the schedule at I can do more with trad than matched---it's "home" for me. If you learn both ways you have more options and will spur your thinking in different ways. Hope our paths cross one day too.

Brian--it was cool to meet you in Champaign. I just got back from the clinic run and I think each one was better than the one before--so you saw the "warm up" one but glad you dug it nonetheless. And thanks for the kind words on the DVD!

Slopsbop--my DAW is very humble and still not functional yet. I have the big boy Mac tower, a Yamaha 01v96, my one piece of nice gear is a Presonus ADL 600 tube mic pre, Pro Tools LE, monitors, full mic set up from Audix.......I really haven't dealt with it yet and it really is sort of a "learning station" for me at this point. Thanks for the positive feedback on the dvd. I really appreciate it.

Dominick--try cranking the bottom head. I mean crank it! Then go medium with the top and see what happens. Don't have the snare tension to tight. The Pro Mark drum is a killer as is everything made by Pete Stanbridge. ( His site is a great snare porn site.
Hope I've steered you in the right direction.

Thanks guys,
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