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Default Re: Pat Petrillo here!


Thanks very much for the kind words, and glad you dig the "swingalations" grooves. The first 2 are ones I use quite a bit, and the other ones with sextuplet ghost notes are pretty difficult to keep low and soft inside the groove.

As for the fills, some of them are in the "Fills" section of the book, and you can take anyone of them to use before going into the bridge of the song, and on the way back to the A section..

There are some other "fill variation" things I do that are NOT in the book, this is true! I couldn't really right ALL of them out, I will be putting some of these in my ON LINE LESSONS which will be coming in 2009..I am setting up my studio as we speak, and I will be offering monthly lessons for a small fee..

Thanks for your input.

All the Best
Pat Petrillo
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