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Default Re: My family don't like my being a musician....

Originally Posted by SnareBass View Post
This is STUPID!

I've been a performing musician now for two years, two as a bassist and for the last 2months, a drummer.

My problem- my family are non-musicians and seem militant in their disgust for my music.
What makes it worse is that I'm a Christian Rock drummer, and my family (for the majority) are strict atheists.
So this is causing a lot of tension and stress, mostly for me. Up until now, only my (Christian) grandparents have been to hear me play anything, at a small university event. I can't talk about playing music with them, and I can't even really play drums in the house.

Anyone got any idea what I could do to help sort this out? I've tried explaining to them how much it means but nothing has got through.
There comes a time in ones life when you have to do what you do and be what you are. The only other alternative is to be something you're not and do something you hate. Nobody said it would be easy. But it can be a painful ordeal. I think that you have to see what this is saying to you, as a Christian and as a human being. Ultimately, you may be asked to make a some very hard decisions, and the only way is having the strength to make them.based on your convictions and your own sense of well being.
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