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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

I have a Gator hanging stick bag, but I have so much stuff that I have to put the stick bag in a duffel bag along with all the stuff that doesn't fit in the stick bag.

? pairs of Pro-Mark 5B nylon tip sticks
1 pair of Vic Firth retractable wire brushes (I don't know why I bought them, I never use them)
1 Remo practice pad
2 LP shakers
2 drum keys
2 spare bass pedal springs
1 rope ( I tie one end of it to one bass drum spur, and the other end to the other spur. then I loop the rope around my throne so my bass drum doesn't move forwards while I'm playing)
1 roll of duct tape
1 roll of electrical tape
1 roll of first-aid tape
1 pair of drumming gloves
1 pair of sweatbands
1 towel
1 pen
1 permanent marker
1 notebook
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