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I agree with thinshells and nuthajason (especially since they agreed with me!) although I will say that I do greatly enjoy Bonhams solos, you can't deny he is good at them, but they may not be your thing, thats understandable, if all drummers like the same thing than we wouldn't have probably had Bonham to begin with. As for the Carmine Appice thing, although Bonham may not have been the first to do alot of things, he certainly brought them to the limelight, I beleive that this is mainly because Led Zeppelin was always much more successfull than any band Carmine Appice was in. Most drummers see what Bonham did and just assume he was the first to do it. Those of us who do our homework would see that Carmine Appice (and others) influnced alot of Bonhams style. Not that there is anything wrong with being influenced, most likely Carmine got his things from someone else too. This is alittle off subject but my music teacher at Wichita State University is good freinds with Carmine Appice, they use to do clinics together and pal around. I thaught that was pretty cool.
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