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Default Re: Wrote a new song........

Finished the lyrics, hammering out the final chords with my my guitarist now, melodies and structures are complete, Starting with a rain stick, Djembe and acoustic guitars, chorus reminiscent of an 80's power ballad. Possibly ending with my own 6 year old daughter saying "I love you mommy".............If I can bribe her. Here are the lyrics below, I didn't post them for a religious descussion, Just wrote from my heart. so please if anyone wants to turn it into one, Don't.


How Long has it been?
One year seems like ten
Wishing you were here with me
Wondering how this could be

Why would God take you away
I just wanted one more day
He saw the pain you felt inside
Now in His comfort you can hide

Phylicia, everytime I think of you
I don't what to do
Should I sit down and cry
or Should I look towards the sky....
Phylicia, I feel the suns warming rays
could it be the smile from your face
Shining down on me

We just want you to know
That we all love you so
I miss your smile so bright
So happy and full of life

It hurts that you're not in this place
But you're with Jesus face to face
He's taken your pain away
We'll be with you again one day

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