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Default Re: Phil Rudd

Man, there's a lot of differing opinions on Phil Rudd here.

I got one too.

There's a whole lot of drummers that say Phil's shtick is easy, well, I've yet to see a drummer have his groove. There are FUNK drummers who wish they had pants with pockets that deep. No one just PLAYS like that!! That's something you can't teach or learn, it's what Phil Rudd IS!!
They should take a lesson from Phil.

I've yet to see a band, even a TRIBUTE band, play Phil's parts like Phil does, they ALWAYS rush the song as compared to Phil.
. . .They should take a lesson from Phil.

His internal clock ain't syncin' with NOBODY, everybody should use Phil as the pinnacle to which all drummers should aspire. But drummers who say it's "too simple" will INVARIABLY mess it up by putting their own needs ahead of the song by adding rolls, crashes and other "augmentations" that just don't belong. Even "replacement" drummers IN the band didn't do it right.
. . .They should take a lesson from Phil.

I've heard FAR too many drummers (amateur AND pro) that are so tied up with chops or fills or whatever makes THEM feel good, that they forgot to make the TUNE feel good.
. . .They should take a lesson from Phil.

If you don't hear what Phil Rudd brings to the drumming table, you seriously aren't listening properly.
. . .They should take a lesson from Phil.

I personally have taken gigs away from WAY more proficient drummers with SCADS more technical ability and chops than me, but "If you play the SONG, you can't go wrong!"
. . .I took a lesson from Phil.

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