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Originally Posted by Baddstuff View Post
let's just say I am no fan of RS and they are as irrelevant to me as irrelevant can be.

As for Phil Rudd his playing with AC/DC should be a lesson that one not need to showcase stupendous chops to get the job done in a very admirable way. He fit that band like a glove and his playing for the song is something to be admired. Drummers like Phil sometimes get overlooked or are under appreciated because they don't blow you away with stupendous Chambers-like chops. For whatever it's worth Mr. Rudd has my respect and I appreciate his contributions to AC/DC and drumming.
You know I'm with you on some of that, RS is irrelevant and irreverent and they tick me off too. They bashed Zepplin when they first came out and AC/DC too, and their music reviewers are always touting some hot new act that I could care the less for. And don't even get me started on their politics......

BUT, RS does keep up on some of the latest movers and shakers, has good gossip and photos, and keeps track of the Top 100. And I doubt any drummer in the world wouldn't be thrilled if they saw their puss on a Rolling Stone cover.
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