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Default Re: Your favorite band that never made it big... Thread

Someone mentioned Dredge...I love that band, I think that they had moderate success for the audience they were aiming for.

Someone else said Porcupine Tree...I think they ve had more than enough exposure to be mainstream, but thats not so...and I love the fact that after 20 or so years, they are still considered "unknown" to many(commercial radio listeners esp.). But to hard-core fans, its better that way. I can still get a great seat at any of their shows and I dont have to deal with a bunch of lame-ass bandwagoners that are only there for the "scene"(DMB cough, cough). Not to mention we have the great Gavin Harrison right here, answering every query from the average "guy next door" drummer. IMO, I think its better to actually have a "musician's band" around these days. And they are about as good as you can get, talent-wise. But I

The band Oceansize never really took off. Not that I know of at least.

The band Seemless. Their first album was an absolute work of pure ROCK art.

Minus The Bear- still havent figured out their genre, but thats ok..

40 Below Summer- Local guys(for me) and beats RATM anyday, IMO.

The Apex Theory- ?????, Mr Bungle??,Acid Mother's Temple? Liquid Groove? many more.

I kinda like the fact that they never turned into another played-out, corporate, show band. But hey, thats just me. : )
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