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Default Audix mics (Fusion)

any good ???

i have a F-12 kick mic and it works alright (got it on a deal, thatís the only reason I only have one)

but i have only recorded with it once (on a djembe - it sounded ok but there were allot of over heads in the mix too)

im planning on pickin up a couple more Audix (maybe a D4 for the toms - or F-10's) and im not sure what kind for the snare yet (i have a couple steel/ brass /aluminum /wood) so if im stuck with one mic to work with i want it to be the best i cant afford (but at the sane time not limit me)

i just want to know your opinions on the audix F-series mics (are they ok - should i not waste my time) that sort of thing

thanks DW (im kinda new here)
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