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Default Re: Your favorite band that never made it big... Thread

There was a good regional band in the D/FW area in Texas way back in the 80's and early 90's called Lo Della. Roughly translated it meant "the band" I believe. They played a lot of the larger night clubs in the area. They were always tight and always rocked the house, even with their own material, but never caught on enough to get a lot of exposure. And the local jerk radio stations never played their stuff....

You'd think the radio stations would be more than happy to play local favorites, but I'm not in radio so I don't know all the "rules".

Also the Toadies are from around here. They were semi-successful, but the record company never really marketed their CDs properly. They sort of cut the CD, then didn't market it, and eventually the Toadies broke up, I believe. At least that is what I read in the newspapers....
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