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Default coming to LA!

Well.. it's ALMOST official..

I'm coming to Los Angeles! Hollywood to be more exact.

I recently (or not so recently) got accepted into MI and will be looking to continue my music study stint there. I HOPE to make it into the country by April next year. There's some shitty crap going on now with my Visa application forms so I've been delayed. I was supposed to go early this month, but the guys over at MI didn't give me my letter until a few weeks before the intake and there was no way I could've gotten the visa in that time.

Anyway, enough ramblings.

I might not be the most prominent figure in the forums, but I suppose now is the time to start perhaps. I'd love to get to know more of you guys from around the area! You can let me know what it's like there, how's it like living there, the food, the weather ... everything really. Maybe even possibly meet up with any of you guys who live/work/perform in the area.

So yeah... I do hope to get to LA sometime late March/early April.

Looking forward to it!


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