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Default Re: Funk/Jazz cover band, songs?

Cant wait to hear this band, Gust..sounds like fun. Here's what I think are good covers for what I think you're talking about:

COBHAM: Rad Baron, Stratus


WEATHER REPORT: Birdland, Black Market, Punk Jazz

CHICK COREA: Spain, and In the Pocket ( a little adventerous, but fun to try.. you can do it )

JACO PASTORIOUS; Chicken ( Check out Bill Stewart's version...very hip )

..........I'll think up some more........

p.s - Steely Dan would be fun if there's a singer..... Josie & Babylon Sisters is probably some of the ' best non teenage pop' ever recorded ; )

Tower of Power, as someone said is a great source to get your teeth into some very doable covers..

..good luck and I want to hear the stuff, when you guys have it down!

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