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He played Melbourne tonight with Wayne Krantz and Tal Wilkenfeld. Just a brief rundown on the gig...

It was ridiculous! I took some friends with me. None of us had ever heard any of these guys before, and we were all glued on Keith all night long. 30 seconds into the first song he was sweating up a storm, and he completely committed to everything he played.

He also played LOUD. It was at Bennetts Lane (medium to small sized Jazz venue) and they had the drums miced for some reason. I was 10 meters away and it felt like he had just walked off a stadium tour to play this show. It was crazy but powerful.

Tal (bassist, looks like she's 15) had sound problems the first half of the set, so it ended up being a duet between Wayne and Keith. They both rose to the occasion and destroyed it.

I managed to record some of the set, so I'll post it here, it's only audio but it's worth it. If this is against any rules, I'll take it down. I've got 4 clips, each about 8 minutes, I'll post more if anyone wants it.

Slight crackle in first 10 seconds, then it clears up I promise.
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