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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Originally Posted by Todd Sucherman View Post

I just use my ears. Drums have a sweet spot where they want to "live" and the better the drum, the bigger the sweet spot. I have no techniques or methods other than the ears on my head.

That ride is fantastic but honestly, it's too light for live gigs with Styx. I gravitate towards 22's....maybe they could make a 22" that's a touch heavier. But then again, I love the washiness of that 20". Ahh, choices......but that 20" was just sitting in the Sabian office marked "prototype" and I just left with it. Simple as that. The 22" Precision is way heavier and louder with a bell that won't quit.


Aloha and mahalo from Honolulu en route to Maui....

Very interesting, thanks for the info!

On to the next question - any advice on getting more of a "thonk" sound out of the snare drum? For the life of me, no matter how I tune I always seem to get more toward "gack" then the former.. Is it a matter of head tension, snare tension, or maybe even snare count (12 or 18 strand vs typical 20)? And I RARELY use muffling of any sort on my snares. Coated Ambassadors over Hazy Ambassadors most of the time.

On your DVD, that beige-ish snare looks like a ProMark Anniversary snare! That has a sound I'm looking for!

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