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Default Re: Dominic Howard

Dom is a very underated Drummer for sure and one of my favourites along with Gavin Harrison.

There's a technical error with it at the mo but if you go to; and go to Media there are some stripped down Muse tracks from the Absolution and Black Holes sessions;
- Stockholm Syndrome (Drums, Keys and Vocal)
- Hysteria (Drums only)
- Butterflies and Hurricanes (Drums only)
- Starlight (Drums and Bass)
- Knight's of Cydonia (Drums, Vocal and Synth)

Stockholm Syndrome suprised me as there's parts where it sounds like quick doubles on the Kick but it in fact there's Ghost notes on the Snare that give it that impression. Butterflies is an interesting listen, the main recurring fill he does through out the song is alot different to what I thought it was and also with all the songs you see how much he uses quick Kick strokes in his fills, really creative and orginal stuff.

Hope everyone's well,

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