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i agree with the last two posts fully. bonham was a drummer's drummer behind the kit, but in real life he was a cool dad, a bar room brawler, a loving husband, a speeding driver, a drunk, a flashy dresser, a best friend, a worst enemy... something to everyone he knew but different. such is life. most of us are different things to different people. i like to believe that, had i known him, i would have been his friend. as a history major who has taken an active interest in the man for nearly twenty years i can tell you that in this thread there are loads of blanket statements that are, not to put too fine a point on it, rubbish. to say bonzo didn't do his own tuning for example shows a lack of chronological understanding and a blind ignorance. come on, do you think jeff was tuning for bonzo from the start? tuning for bonzo, there's a statement. FOR bonzo. which implies a leanring of what baonzo wanted and some interation between ocheltree and him about sound. bonham might not have wanted to change snare heads, this would be in line with a lot of personality indicators he had, but ocheltree admitted to 'sneaking new heads onto the kits over the years and sanding them to give them a worn look'. bonham may not have been the first at a lot of the things that are claimed of him but he was a brummy who developed a lot of stuff in parallel to stuf that was going on. the real chronology of who made who in terms of the broken triplet, hard hitting, paradiddle useage etc etc etc can never be properly determined historically. since a lot of stuff could have been shared live or informally, we cannot know the right answers. studio recordings are the only evidence and they always occour after the fact. this combined with the fact that parallel development often occoured, particularly across the atlantic, makes such bold statements ludicrous. we shall mostly have to accept that we will never know the real truth. let the legend live on, let the mystery integue us but don't go overboard. it is embarrasing to the true fans.
and above all..
don't bash bonzo

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