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Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
A new stadium is on hold because the citizens of this area are opposed to letting the little rich boys from New York have any more tax money for private endeavor until the Trop is paid for. They can't afford it themselves and if they push this thru the legislation like they did the Trop. they won't even need 6000 seats. Just enough for an owners box and the St. Pete city council.
HA HA !!! I'm really not as much of a traditionalist as I made it sound. I really don't mind the Trop, I actually LIKE the idea of the comfort for the fans AND the players.

It's a really quirky place to play, but they've made rules to govern the silly stuff that can happen, so it's equal for both teams.

I hope someone takes the dome idea and does the movable playing surface like they did for Cardinal Stadium. Real grass, indoor climate control, with an opening dome for nice weather. The best of BOTH worlds!!

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