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Default Re: Funk/Jazz cover band, songs?

Originally Posted by oops View Post
What sort of cover band are we talking? When I hear funk covers I think:

James Brown: I Feel Good, Papa's got a Brand New Bag, Cold Sweat
Earth Wind and Fire: September
Michael Jackson: Billie Jean

But when I hear Jazz I think:


Such as Autumn Leaves, any 12 Bar blues (Freddie Freeloader, Sonny Moon For Two, Blue Monk), Rhythm Changes (such as Anthropology, Oleo)...

What sort of gigs are you trying to get from this, and we can cater a set list to your show.
So far, for busking. We've got september and anthropology (not saying they sound good yet :p). We're thinking stuff like moondance, etc, mainly songs that people know with a few goodies chucked in there ;)
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