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Originally Posted by Dannar
I don't know where you got the idea that Bonham never played drunk. I know several people who saw Zeppelin at Kansas City's Memorial Hall in 1969 and all said that Bonham kept passing out and falling of his stool (from drinking) during the show. Then Jimmy would go kick him to wake him up. I have also heard tons of stories about Bonham downing twenty black russians or whatever before a show, and stuff like that. I'm not trying to shoot down your buzz here, Bonham is my favorite drummer, but alot of this stuff I hear about him just seems like gibberish. Using the same snare head for Three U.S. tours? That just doesn't make any sense, Bonham did hit his drums correctly but he still him them hard, and you don't have to hit a emporer hard to start doing a number on it, they are suppose to be replaced, and I'm sure he could easily do so.You put a jazz drummer using pencils to a Remo head and it will show wear after one day. To say drum tunning is lost art? Plenty of drummers can tune a drum kit as good as Bonham. (unrelated subject but has anyone notice how bland his tom's sound on "Since I've Been Lovin; You, great playing though) It amazing me how people will beleive anything they hear about Bonham, he is my hero, but some people just over exagerate things to the point that its just rediculous. I love Bonham, but he in no way is a perfect drummer, that just does not exist. People act like Bonham can do no wrong, but just like anyother drummer he can, and did. (I'm sorry if this was to negative, I just felt it needed to be said)
Carmine Appice stated that he and Bonzo were guinea pigs for new gear. They broke a lot of drum pedals.

And I agree, Bonzo gets way too stratified. He's not likely to get cannonized as a saint.

- He was a great and powerful rock drummer, very influential to the point of getting a lot of credit that was due Carmine Appice who was the first "heavy" player

- Bonzo was not the best soloist. I can't watch most of his solo work now without yawning.

- He had a great right foot that was rare in those days, more common now.

- His playing fit the music, and I can't imagine anyone else playing for Zep in that era.

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