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Default Re: Any talents, besides drumming?

I think of talents as something worthy of mentioning so I'm going to write down the things that I'm actually good at, I'm pretty proud of myself.

I'm an artist, I can draw pretty well.

I'm an excellent pixel artist, I don't do it much anymore but I can still make things look photo realistic in the tiniest of spaces.

I'm a national competing Kendo player, I stopped this too after something bad happened involving it. Maybe later when life is more scheduled I'll get into it again.

I can play guitar okay, I have a good sense of pitch, I use to play songs on my shinai back in Kendo. I like to figure out chords to make riffs and then eventually songs. My friends who are bunches better than me technically at guitar enjoy the stuff I make, I think that's pretty decent.

I can whistle to really high pitches, and past that I'm also really good at whistling. Like good enough for it to be listened too.

Also, I'm told often that I have talent when it comes to writing, but I don't think so and this post wouldn't show it.

I can get good at anything, I'm pretty proud of that.
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