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Default Re: Albums I absolutely must own

METAL:ok basicly if you wan the fastest rawest and best drumming, metal is where its at. death metal is just errghhh. blast beats the whole way through, a compleate waste of time, every onme can blast beat, nothing special. however, slipknot:disaster peice, slipknot, all hope is gone(album names). joey jordison is a ledgend no matter how you look at him. trivium(shogun):travis smith is again a compleate and uter genious on the kit. BMTH(bring me the horrizon)(count your blessings). matt nichols is again an awesome drummer however BMTH do collaberate some blast beats with the harmonic power metal beats. fanaly i would say just for the sheer entertainment value check out: thomas lang, on youtube because he is insane as well. i dont know whether or not he is in a band. he is more the showcase drummer but still awesome.
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