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Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
Singer has maybe played it "live" in the AC band...if it's been in the set.

Neal Smith!!!
That guy rocks. The stuff he and Dennis Dunaway cool.
i believe he has played it live, on the "brutal planet" tour, DVD.....i also seen him play " halo of flies" and that blew me away.....he pulls off the neal stuff awesome.....

i love neal....between his drumming, which was grossly under-rated, and just his larger than life attitude, the dude personified being a rock star....

seems he has a problem with other drummers doing his parts though....i'm not real sure why??
nonetheless, the guy was a huge influence on my playing when i first started out....and as far as eric goes, what can i say about him that hasn't already been said?? killer player, very powerful, and plays what is right for the song....
check out his playing on the ESP cd....absolutely love it....very tasteful playing, and very powerful...
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