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It's funny but, as soon as anyone makes a statement that people are playing together....all of a sudden....they have joined the "band".
Blotted Science isn't even a "band" so there is nothing to join.
When was the last show?
The last tour?
How many hours have the guys spent playing together (I'll answer that...about 6- 8 hours over one weekend).....
That's not a "band"........ that's just dudes jamming.haha.

I like Ron a lot, in fact I'm good buddies with Charlie. And, it's a great record.

I just couldn't see spending all of my time....learning someone else's drum parts...when I was told..... I'd "have creative freedom".
I told Ron that "if I did have that freedom...I would work with him and we could split profits from CD sales"....and I'd ask for nothing. Contributing to "art" is my payment at that point.
As soon as I was asked otherwise.....I asked to be paid, because I would be just performing a "task" at that point.
Ron said he would just look for someone else.

We had planned to start another project in the future though.


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