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Hello everyone,
I'm new here in the forum. I'm a begginer drummer, well I've been playing about 3 years on and off but it really only seems that I've been playing less, I really should practice more (just tell it to my parents who can not stand it) but in any case, I do love drummin and as far as Travis Barker is concerned, he may not be the "best" but just because he is famous and whatnot, doesn't mean he ain't good either. I think he is an excellent drummer. He has brought a lot of different things as far as drummin is concerned to the kind of music he plays, you can't really compare him to any other drummer who plays in a pop punk band. ANd he does have great technic which is something you do not see in a lot of famous bands...

Travis is coolio.

I myself prefer Tre Cool but that's another story.
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