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Originally Posted by Hit 'Em Hard View Post
Clive was a big influence on my playing in the early 80's.
Caught him a handful of times on the band's first two US tours.
Even went out bar hopping with him and a buddy of mine who
owned a drum shop... LOL
Wow! That would have been great...!!!!

Originally Posted by Hit 'Em Hard View Post
I'll have to post a pic of his MAIDEN drum stick I have when I can.
The slogan next to his name is "Hit 'Em Hard" which is where
I got my username.
Sure! Post those pics!

I love Nicko, but Clive had a different approach on drumming... He was somehow... more diverse... he had some more imagination to put different rhythms and fills on the songs...

I still LOVE those 3 first albums...!
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