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Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
When you do turn "Ole" come on down to Gods Waiting Room and I'll show you around.
But I'm still young, and smart enough to know when I get beat by a better team to say congrats and move on. After all the fish and the bikinis are out there waiting.
The Cheerleader avatars will resume at the end of the World Series.
Cool!, Thanks for the invite, I may be there sooner than you know. You, my friend-are living the life and I do envy it a bit.
Anyway, you should see it around here. As you may know, sports fans in this area are a little bit nuts. I cant go across the street without seeing some kind of Go Phillies banner or lawnsign or car decoration or whatever else you can think of. I guess its cool...til they lose and turn everyone into a pissy negatist that wont stop complaining about it. And yes it is a pattern. Just wait, you ll

But I guess-GO PHILLIES! (and I m awaiting more good avatars...)
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