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Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
When you do turn "Ole" come on down to Gods Waiting Room and I'll show you around.
But I'm still young, and smart enough to know when I get beat by a better team to say congrats and move on. After all the fish and the bikinis are out there waiting.
The Cheerleader avatars will resume at the end of the World Series.
Well, I hope you remember I said this:

Originally Posted by Vipercussionist
on 10-20-2008, at 01:01 AM
Re: Baseball thread

Congratulations Rays fans!!

Garza was AMAZING and deserved the win!!
I'm a die hard Red Sox fan, but I know good baseball when I see it. They were also very lucky to be 100% healthy in the post season to be able to USE all of that talent to their advantage. But that's the way it goes, the baseball gods smiled at the Rays this year.

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