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hahaha... maybe next season you'll be happier. In the mean time I will be drinking some ice coldies on the beach until the World Series starts. Damn, I gotta take time out of my bleak existence to watch it. Those darn Rays really messed up my lifestyle. Hey, do you wanna come hang out with your so-called fairweather friends? Cuz I gotta tell ya.. its 85 degrees out and the water is great.
Yeah me too. I hate fishing all year round, looking at bikinis all year round, not shoveling snow, or washing the salt and cinders off of my car. Damn I have to go to a game. The bottom line is, we do have a team, a team that beat all of the other teams. This year is this year, last year was last year, and next year is next year. Our team will be in the WORLD SERIES THIS YEAR while you poor sports are crying in your beans and waiting for another tea party. Get over it. We won. You lost. Such big babies. Sounds like 7th grade all over again. Put on your snowmobile suits and go get some fresh air.
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