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Default Re: Kumu four piece.

Originally Posted by joshuacreamer97 View Post
Wavelength, first I must say I am a huge fan of your drumming. Your videos are excellent, and I have a few questions about how you recorded them. Does the mic you use hook up to your videocamera? How do you get the videos from the camera to upload into youtube? I really want to start recording myself, yet I do not know where to start. Could you possibly tell me what to do, start with what to buy. My pricerange is 350$ USD, and i want to achieve video that is near the quailty of yours. Thanks!
Hi, Mr. Creamer,

I have used three different recording techniques for my videos so far:
  1. One condenser microphone as an overhead mic, connected to the video camera
  2. One condenser as an overhead and one dynamic as a bass drum mic, connected to the video camera with a splitter cable
  3. One condenser as an overhead and one dynamic as a bass drum mic, connected to a laptop computer through a FireWire audio interface.

The first two techniques are simple, since both the video and the audio are recorded on the tape. However, getting the balance right using the second method takes some triall and errors... The third is just a bit trickier, since I use the camera to record the video and the laptop to record the audio. This way I can edit the audio more easily, and syncing it up with the video is just a matter of a bit of tweaking.

You can use any video editor to capture your recordings from your camera to your computer. Using the same editor you can then export the captured (and hopefully edited!) footage into a variety of formats. Uploading the end product is simple enough. Just follow the instructions @ YouTube.

I've used a Canon HV20 high definition digital video camera along with an AKG C1000 condenser and a Shure SM57 dynamic. I acquired a Shure Beta 91 recently, and I presume I'll be using that to mic my kick drum hereonafter. Anyhow, you could get fairly good results with a cheap-ish second hand digital cam corder and a reasonably priced (second hand) condenser microphone that can be operated with battery power. Few camcorders can output phantom power, so battery powered mics are pretty much mandatory for small setups.
I play Kumu Drums. I also shoot videos.
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