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Originally Posted by drummer girl09 View Post
Don't jump on me if this is an absolutly stupid question, but why do people act like it is totally awful if the toms are angled the "wrong" way? I never heard any rules so far that say you have to angle? What is the differance in it? The sound? Or the way you hit the tom? I'm confused.
You know I noticed Tony Williams' latter years set ups had toms that were not THAT different in angle and certainly nobody would tell Tony he's "setting them up wrong".

But whatever.

Meg White is the perfect drummer for her band. She makes you think "White Stripes", like Ringo made you think "Beatles", Alex Van Halen made you think "Duuude" and anything Vinnie plays on, it's "Vinnie!".

Everybody has their place. If Vinnie played with White Stripes, I dunno.. not quite the same.
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