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Default Re: Amplifier issue please help

Originally Posted by westicle View Post
That's not feed back. When you're palm muting there's more bass coming through and maybe it just can't handle it. It might just be some of the material on the cab that's flapping.

What do you tune to, is it low?
I play in standard E and in drop D....never lower...Let me further is not the guitar for sure...because i play the guitar through multiple amplifiers without experiencing the same's not the cable as i have had the problem with multiple matter how far i stand from the amp i get the same maybe its not feedback...i have played the amplifier in multiple rooms so it is not an outside problem...i have played this amp on a stand and on the ground and i have had the same issue....the sound is only made when i palm mute a lower note or chord and the guitar amp is past volume is not anything in the amplifier rattling....i have removed the grill and observed the speaker when making this sound....the speaker material flaps rapidly out of control and i get a low booming fart sound....i am not sure if it is an internal problem as i have no experience with electronics although my father does but he has not even mentioned that it could be a component or bad ground...i have only learned of this problem recently since i never before have had the need to play past volume 4 with this amp....i bought it used and the amplifier and speaker are in perfect condition minus a few scuffs on the cab.....maybe that will help
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