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Default Re: Amplifier issue please help

Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
Don't turn it up past 1/2 way, or buy a new amp. Really, how many other options are there? Did you tweak the knobs on your guitar?
Um yes lol...ive messed with the settings on my amp for hours and nothing works...and i really should be able to push my amp past half volume without this issue...its actually not even half volume...i get this issue when the amps on four...thats a major problem...buying an amp is not an option...and bojangleman i don't believe the speaker is the really lost on this one...maybe its some sort of weird feedback?...and also the amplifier is a flextone 2 one speaker combo....and for those of you who are thinking this amplifier is actually very nice...i believe line six hit the nail on the head with these amps
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