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Originally Posted by Vipercussionist View Post
Although your explanation almost makes sense, I find it hard to believe EVERY fan would buy a new jersey, you mean to tell me ALL of them found it distasteful to wear LAST YEAR'S jersey? What are the ODDS!!

As for Red Sox nation, it is well documented that it has popularity second to NONE in Florida and most other states. Even BEFORE they were a winning team.

Most respect the badge, but all fear the drum.

OK you win I quit.............

But to use your explanation, none of last years fans are there this year or there would be old jersies. I have hats and jersies from the first year that I wouldn't wear now. I'm not sure what your point is. I'm rooting for my team, you're rooting for yours. I guess you don't have a choice living in Rhode Island where there are no teams.
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