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Default Re: Albums I absolutely must own

Originally Posted by zzdrummer View Post
If you like non mainstream rap Flobots-Fight With Tools, have one hit song with Handlebars thats not great, but the rest is so much better. Also, G. Love and Special Sauce- Yeah It's That Easy and Philadelphonic, you've probably never heard of them, their like, surfer rock, blues, and soul mix with some rapping mixed in by G. Love...poeple should check them out.
Really? you dont like Handlebars? heh, probably my favorite flobots song. I just think the lyrics build up SOOO well to the climax at the end when he emphasizes "holocaust" like 10 times. then it immediatly goes back to the subtle, seemingly innocent beginning. I think its great and incredibly well written with the trumpet solo in the middle, and it means so much, but to each his own i guess.
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