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Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
First of all, this part of Florida is transplant land. Most residents are from some other region or state that have moved here. The Boston fans that were in attendance were locals wearing Boston gear because its easier to root for a winner than to admit they lived here. As for the lack of old jersies, I guess the Boston fans that flipped flopped, had to buy new gear so that again, they could root for the winner. Fair weather is a good depiction for the fans, since the Boston fans rooting for Tampa now are also fair weathered. If the Rays don't win another game this year, they have proven to be a worthy competitor now and not just a door mat. If memory serves they did win the division this year. More cowbell. Another reason for the change of jersies is the change of name. Tampa Bay Rays. No longer the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The fans are into it enough to change jersies with the team and not wear old gear.
Although your explanation almost makes sense, I find it hard to believe EVERY fan would buy a new jersey, you mean to tell me ALL of them found it distasteful to wear LAST YEAR'S jersey? What are the ODDS!!

As for Red Sox nation, it is well documented that it has popularity second to NONE in Florida and most other states. Even BEFORE they were a winning team.

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