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Default Re: Albums I absolutely must own

off the top of my head-

*Wizard Island- Jeff Lorber Fusion- dig the great Dennis Bradford grooves
*Band of Gypsys- Jimi Hendrix- if only for the epic guitar lead in Machine Gun
*Machine Head- Deep Purple- a hard rock classic
*Fragile- Yes- Bill Bruford and the band firing on all cylinders
*Boston's first album- so many great melodies and the amazing voice of Brad Delp
*Unsung Heroes- The Dregs- one of their best
*Tarkus- ELP- just for side 1
*Electric Savage- Colosseum II- with the blistering guitar work of Gary Moore and tight drumming of Jon Hiseman
*Yesterday & Today- Y&T- they say Leonard Haze has/had the fastest right foot and this album proves it. I never heard Bonham do anything like Haze does
*Octopuss- Cozy Powell- because it's Cozy Powell
*Santana III- Santana- absolutely one of their best albums, the rhythms are superb
*Aja- Steely Dan- another classic album with Gadd's great work on the title track
*Soul Vaccination- Tower of Power-live- top shelf soul/funk caught onstage
*Tres Hombres- ZZ Top- another classic album, Billy Gibbons burns!
*Jungle Fever- Neil Larsen- great tunes and keys work from Neil
*Make Up City or Mint Jams- Casiopea- love this band, where I first heard Akira Jimbo
*Elegant Gypsy- Al DiMeola- with Anthony Jackson & Steve Gadd, enough said!
*Magnetic- Steps Ahead- one of their best
*Positivity- Incognito- with the funky-ass drum grooves of Richard Bailey
*Romantic Warrior- Return to Forever- no explanation needed
*Spectrum- Billy Cobham- still one of my favorites
*Birds of Fire- Mahavishnu Orchestra- must-have fusion album
*Still Warm- John Scofield- Scofield with Omar Hakim on drums, bingo!
*and practically anything with Dennis Chambers & Dave Weckl
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