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Default Re: Kumu four piece.

I experimented with my new recording gear (=Pre-Sonus Firebox) last weekend, and here's a little excerpt...

I thought I'd like to hear what the kick drum sounds like tuned ridiculously loose and muffled to the death, and it wasn't half bad. I recorded it internally with a Shure SM57 and EQd the crap out of it -- the SM57 isn't exactly the best choice for catching low frequencies. As per usual, the AKG 1000 was used as an overhead.

The cymbals I used this time were
  • 14" K Custom Dark hats
  • 20" Byzance Jazz Extra Thin ride
  • 20" Byzance Thin ride
  • 22" K Custom Dry Light ride
  • 20" K ride

I played this clip to a metronome and with the traditional grip, and you can tell that I'm not playing with as much conviction and assertion as I should (or could), but what the heck...
I play Kumu Drums. I also shoot videos.
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