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Once again the Red Sox are down to the wire, it's Do or Die time AGAIN! AGAIN they must put up, or go home.

I feel they are in a very precarious place and the pendulum could swing either way.

Did the Sox turn the tides to favor them with the spectacular win in Game 5 on Thursday?
Have they mentally stricken the Rays, hopefully fatally, giving the Red Sox an advantage?
Will the starting pitching (Josh Beckett) bring his "A" game?
Is Beckett physically ABLE to bring his "A" game?
Will Big Papi's bat continue to swing successfully continuing his otherworldly post season Clutch Hitting status?
Will playing at The Trop be too much negative vibe for the Sox to overcome?
Will the cowbells interfere with the Red Sox ability to concentrate?
Will the "been here, done this before" status make Game 6 no big deal?

Will "Big Game James" step up and fill the open shoes that his name suggests?
Will the Ray's bats continue to pound the outfield bleachers?
Will the stress of Game 5's loss weigh enough on their minds to induce silly errors from trying TOO hard?
Will The Trop boost the Rays to give them the added psychological edge?
Will the young and eager beat the veterans with experience?
Will these uncharted waters be too unfamiliar and cause a distraction to The Rays?

These and many more questions will be answered tonight.

GAME 6 of the American League Championship Series.

no More COWBELL!!
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