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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks a lot for the information...that is of course the perfect answer and tells me what I need to start working on to make something like this fast fix for sure, but I have to "drum" up the interest here in the San Diego area. It is amazing to me how DEAD this community appears to be when it comes to events and such that represent drummers. It is the same when it comes to the issue of drum is stuck with GC being the main source of supply and frankly it is a supply in need of overhaul!

Again, thank you Sir...I appreciate the the planning begins :-)


Originally Posted by Todd Sucherman View Post
That Guy and drumhead61,

Thanks for your questions. Here's how the clinic thing basically works:

Drummers really don't choose where they go to have a clinic. They have to be invited by the store/dealer to appear there. If I'm never invited by a store in Tampa or San Diego (or anywhere else) then I'll never come there.....because I can't invite myself, I have to be invited. The store/dealer has to carry Pearl/Sabian first off. Then the store contacts Pearl/Sabian and requests the clinic and the companies check on the artists availability. Budgets are worked out with clinician fee, airfare, hotel, and then the other companies (sticks, heads, mics) get involved. It's quite a process with involvement from many people. These events cost quite a bit of money as well, so it has to be worthwhile for the dealer and companies business wise.

drumhead61---if you are a Pearl/Sabian dealer, you could be the promoter of such an event. If you are not, it becomes increasingly difficult to get any sponsorship from the companies gear wise and dollar wise. The event would financially land entirely on you. That would be a financial burden for one to deal with all the gear, PA, space, fees, airfare, hotel, transportation, etc.

So that's that in a nutshell. Hope I've shed some light on the basics of the process!

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