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He's one of my favorite drummers playing out right now. Saw Raconteurs opening for Bob Dylan (who's current drummer, George Recile is excellent as well) about two years ago now.
Keeler has a great vintage, yet modern & creative style. His playing... The drums, cymbals and heads he uses just has/have that sound that one dosn't hear with most drummers today.
The band Keeler and Jack Lawrence were in pre-Raconteurs, The Greenhornes, has put some really great stuff out aswell. Also, be sure to check out (if you haven't already) the work the members of the Raconteurs (before they in the band together) did on Loretta Lynn's album Van Lear Rose, which came out a few years back.
If you guys like Patrick Keeler, pick up the October issue of modern drummer, as he is a featured article in it!
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