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Default Re: Best Metal Voice?

Originally Posted by m1ck View Post
Aye, seconded. Great band, awesome metal voice. Definitely a throw-back in style, but he pulls it off. I don't know how he can sing like that without blowing vital organs out of his mouth. The back-up singer has a helluva scream, too. This band grabbed me the very first time I heard them.

I love a good growler as much as the next guy, but I kinda think it's been overdone at this point. There's too many out there. I welcome the return of the soaring screecher that can carry a melody.
The whole falsetto style is acquired I guess, I've been able to do it my whole life and I have a pretty low speaking voice (As does Cam). The screamer actually blew his voice out and has been MIA for the past 2 years, expected to return early in 2009. I've seen them live twice and both times one of the guitarists was doing all of the screaming parts; it was definitely still astounding to see them live.
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