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Default Re: Best Metal Voice?

Originally Posted by eits1986 View Post
It just seems so contradictory to me... a Christian metal band. ...
You are not the first to make this observation. However, there was a big wave of Christian rock and metal bands in the 80s.

Odd, that this thread would take such a turn, since we're talking about "best metal voice" -

One of the most impressive metal singers I have ever heard was Dale Thompson of the Christian rock band Bride. I saw them in the late 80s somewhere in Southern California. The band was pretty good. The singer was phenomenal. Before they drew open the curtain, Dale sang the Star Spangled Banner a cappella. That moment remains fixed in my memory as the single most stunning demonstration of vocal virtuosity that I have ever heard. His voice was high and intensely powerful in the old-school, operatic metal style. He could hold onto a note at full power for longer than anyone I've ever heard.

A friend of mine at the time made me a tape (yes a cassette tape) of one their early albums; that was all I ever heard of them. The Wikipedia article on them says they're still around but have been all over the place with their sound; I don't have a clue what they're doing today or how Dale sounds.

Regardless, obscure as he may be, I'd throw his name in the hat as one of the best metal voices ever.
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