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Abe is my favourite drummer of all time and I will attempt to explain why. I started drumming when nu-metal was in its ascendency, Nu-Metal (in my opinion) was saturated with lots of good drummers (albiet shit music) who I could have chose to learn from. I picked Abe because I connected with Deftones style and I knew I could feel how visceral Abes beats were, they were picked perfectly every time and I just wanted to know what it would be like to play like that. I still can't play half his stuff and it's been what, 8 years now?? I can get the general feel of his songs but if you want to match him beat for beat you've got a job on your hands and so will half the people who would class him as average because he doesn't abuse a double bass like the various showmen of metal. If you watch Abe live or see him just messing around on the skins you'll witness him come out with all sorts of crazy grooves, sometimes in a more funky or drum bass style than would fit the Deftones, but he has a lot of tricks up his pocket. Grade A drummer, knows how to fit tight subtle grooves around rudimentary metal guitar riffs, was always about the music, helped make a metal band and never showed off in the process, mad energy on stage, perfect choice for the Deftones.

oh and his snare on atf is a 6x14 Vented 20 ply OCDP Snare with 4 2 inch vents

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