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Originally Posted by Ekim View Post
But I don't really care. So long as they're polite (and Steve has been at least that every time I met him), I don't care how they come across as people.

He owes me a good performance. That's it. That's what I paid for. Signatures and pics are just icing on the cake.
I totally agree...

I can't understand people getting all upset saying "I tried to meet my favorite drummer and he was a total jerk...l will never listen to him again"

Does it suck....of course it does but thats just one piece of the puzzle...the most important pieces are their inspiration to make me practice, hear new ideas I never thought of and give a kick ass performance....

Copeland, Peart and Weckl are my biggest influences....
Every interview I see Stewart I cringe at the dumb stuff he says about jazz....Nealio is known to have a bodyguard cause he doesn't like to be approached by strangers....Been to multiple Weckl clinics.....had a good experience once as he gave me some autograph sticks.....saw him another time was cocky and looked like he didn't want anyone withn 15 feet of him.....

Just the way it is....
Enjoy their ablilities.....anything else is all gravy.....
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