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with all respect to all the drum teachers,

I consider myself a sloppy drummer and I refuse to play by rules.
My playing may be boring and sloppy to many but there are folks who said my drumming is different. I am not saying that I am an extra ordinary drummer but I like to be different from all the drummers around me who all plays alike.
I never took lessons and I play along the records in a different way, the way That I like with more tom tom rolls.

Drummers like Neil Peart etc.. are awesome but after watching them a while I get bored because they all play by the rules and they play perfect as well.
To me...Charley Watts is the most boring drummer in the Rock history but makes millions by playing a steady beat.. which amazes me.

Go Meg White!

For a brief moment it seemed that rock n roll would inherit the earth!

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