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Originally Posted by Vipercussionist View Post
Most disturbing.

The Rays have managed to get 2 wins to the Red Sox' ONE!! I'm quite upset about all the men left on base!!

Becket AND Lester were not NEARLY on their games.

I'm very depressed as I hoped Lester would be a shoe-in for a win as was NOT the case.

I also figured out why BJ Upton hits for such power, HE'S THE SUPER HERO FROZONE FROM THE INCREDIBLES!!!!!!

. .
BJ Upton. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frozone

It's either humor, or I'll have a nervous breakdown!!

Most respect the badge, but all fear the drum.
Insanely disturbing, like I shut off the drums after the seventh, and played until now without even checking the score...Again, that or I'll have a nervous breakdown.
I think B.J.'s power came from the becket grooved fastball and Lester's in the same spot. And did you see the pitch to Longoria from Beckss...ohhh lordy 85 mph and right down the middle, I play small high school ball and I maybe coulda taken that yard..
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