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Default Re: DC (Dennis Chambers): new Videos

Dennis Chambers is sickening how easy he makes it look. I've caught him in clinic and with Niacin. He looks like it's all just a walk in the park.

He was playing snare rolls and getting all sorts of different tones out of the thing. I thought for sure he was manipulating the levers on the signature snare, but he said it was all just how he was changing his strokes. And it inspired me to work on that stuff myself.

Although, I must say crossovers are one of those things that seems super-hard at first. But I bought "Cross-Sticking Studies" from Modern Drummer books and start off really slowly. I found myself doing very cool things very quickly. They're a blast!

I just wish Dennis and Niacin would go back out there soon! That was a killer show.
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