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Steve Smith is out on tour with "Jazz Legacy". I spaced it and missed his show here in Indy last Saturday... I'm a little annoyed at myself.

As for SS's "arrogance" or whatever... to me he doesn't seem comfortable around strangers. I've met him three or four times and he just doesn't seem to like the meet & greet aspect of his job. He seems nervous and ill at ease. I can see how some might relate that as being arrogant.

I can relate. I don't like meeting tons of new people in a frenzied manner.

But I don't really care. So long as they're polite (and Steve has been at least that every time I met him), I don't care how they come across as people.

He owes me a good performance. That's it. That's what I paid for. Signatures and pics are just icing on the cake.

And he did give me the sticks he used at a Vital Information show. That was really cool of him.
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