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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Hey Bernhard - please write me anytime! I'm always happy to talk with you. I am pretty much recovering from some recent heartbreaks, but all is well and looking up!

Nutha - good question. First of all, since almost all of Joan Osborne's recordings are NOT with her live band, in that sense it IS a cover song gig! :D
Her Christmas record is jsut out and we are on that one - available through Barnes and Noble - titled, "Christmas Means Love". It's very r & b flavored - kinda cool.

Being the drummer in a cover band that is covering songs by other bands can be really hard to do. Maybe I should write an article about this!

The main thing is to listen to the groove in general - you might be playing the exact drum part, but that doesn't ensure that the song will feel the same. For example, sometimes an acoustic guitar is playing 1/8th notes and, even though it is placed way back in the mix of the record, it is a crucial part to the rhythmic feel of the song. Yet maybe theree aren't enough bodies on stage to compensate for that.
So you, as the drummer, need to figure something out there - maybe shakers in your cymbal hand instead of sticks?.. Maybe recommend to your guitarist to TRY to cover both the acuostic and electric gtr parts? It is hard sometimes. It can be VERY creative and challenging to cover songs well and accurately. Just remember, it takes more than just the notes - it is how the band interacts - and, yet again.... it is ALL ABOUT YOUR EARS!!!
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